Senior Quest will help you evaluate current living conditions, identify solutions, and find community resources and professionals you can trust.

  • Personalized In-Home Assessments will provide you with a professional evaluation of current living conditions and advice on how to address basic unmet needs. Our geriatric care manager, who is also a certified geriatric social worker, brings a holistic approach to assure that the guidance offered brings the best care without sacrificing one’s quality of life. Our staff physician, with years of experience visiting the elderly and disabled in their homes, will provide a general assessment of your loved one’s physical well-being and make regular house calls to assure that those in our care receive the level of medical attention they need. Working closely with a team of dedicated nurses, we ensure that care instructions are carried out as directed.
  • Licensed Home Care Agency that will provide compassionate and capable staff who will help you manage daily chores that may feel overwhelming. Our staff is closely supervised by a management team of dedicated professionals who ensure that everyone on our home care team is experienced, certified, bonded, insured, and receives ongoing education.
  • Care Management from experienced professionals will support you as you make the necessary decisions for your loved one’s care. We can help you get the benefits you qualify for from private health insurance policies, Medicare, and Medicaid and make referrals to trusted professionals who will answer your questions about finances, estate planning, and other legal matters.