Senior Quest is founded on the belief that every stage of life is precious. Our compassionate staff is both highly trained and experienced in helping families face the challenges of aging. We work as a team and understand that each individual’s need is unique and we will work with you and your family to ensure that all your needs are met.
Silva Avedis, CGSW

Silva Avedis, Founder of Senior Quest, is a certified geriatric social worker, a geriatric care manager, a member of The Aging Life Care Association, and the National Association of Social Workers. She has been helping people find solutions to life’s challenges for over thirty years. Her diverse geriatric background includes hospital-based discharge planning, private case management, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programming, as well as admissions coordination and social work services in a geriatric care facility.

Silva is well-experienced in the workings of private insurance policies, Medicare and Medicaid. She knows how to navigate the healthcare system and will advocate on your behalf.

Her knowledge of local resources and skilled professionals, coupled with her commitment to finding the right solution for the individual challenges faced by those she assists leaves families feeling secure and cared for from the moment they meet. Contact Silva »

Marie Schilling
Director of Home Care Services

Marie is an essential member of our team. Bringing knowledge, experience and heart to her position as Director of our Home Care Services, Marie is known for her ability to build sound connections between clients and caregivers. This begins by being accessible to families so that she completely understands each client’s capabilities and can match appropriate caregivers who can be depended upon to provide the services needed. Building strong relationships with families and working closely with caregivers ensures that our clients get the assistance they need and family members can take comfort in knowing that their loved ones are receiving professional, compassionate care.

A 30-year veteran of IBM, Marie brings superb professional skills in process management and service delivery that are critically important to Home Care Services (geriatric care management). In addition to this business experience, Marie spent seven years as the director of operations for a home care agency assisting clients in the tri-state area. In this capacity Marie worked closely with families to see that their needs were met, managed staff, handled all regulatory compliance matters and accounts receivables. She is a valued member of the Senior Quest team. Contact Marie »

Moya Nortei,BSN, RN
Director of Nursing

Moya comes to Senior Quest with an extensive and varied nursing background. She received her BS in Nursing from Felician University and holds a Masters in Business Administration at London School of Management. Prior to joining Senior Quest, Moya served as Clinical Supervisor for a skilled home health care company. Home care is her passion and she enjoys working with the patients, families and the field staff. As a registered nurse, Moya’s diverse experience in the past 18 years has involved a variety of healthcare facilities, which includes home care, long term care, short-term rehabilitation facilities as well as assisted living facilities in supervisory positions.

Moya’s passion for nursing has rewarded her with the ability to build exemplary relationships with her patients. Moya has successfully found her place as a home care nurse and fell in love with the patient care profession and never looked back. Moya is devoted to her patients of all ages. She has continuously provided the utmost support and care to her patients and families who have been affected by their loved one’s condition. As a Clinical Supervisor, Moya has efficiently applied her nursing skills to mentor, educate nurses and certified home health aides to ensure premium quality care and services are provided to each individual patient.

Moya joins our team bringing forth the knowledge and experience she had gained, individuals who struggle with illnesses and aging. Moya has devoted her time and is committed to providing skilled personal care and comfort to our aging clients. Eager to make a difference in the geriatric community, Moya is excited to contribute her personal and work experiences as we, Senior Quest, listen, learn and care for those in need. Contact Moya»

Noyemi Isnar, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Isnar is a board certified family practitioner who completed her family practice residency at Southside Hospital in Bayshore, NY. She is a member of the American Academy of Home Care Physicians and served on the advisory board of HomeAid Resources in Fair Lawn, NJ. While caring for patients in nursing homes and medical offices Dr. Isnar felt increasingly compelled to answer the call for help from geriatric patients who needed a doctor’s care at home. In 2000 she decided to devote herself completely to providing this kind of personal medical care. She spends her days making house calls to people who are homebound and in need of personal care.